About Us

Overview of MBS:

Under the successful leadership of Lisa Richards, President and Owner of MBS Property Management, Inc., the mission of MBS is to provide quality management of all phases of rental housing. MBS maintains high standards for residents, on-site management staff, and all areas of maintenance. MBS possesses the skill and experience to protect and enhance the owner’s investment, along with providing quality housing for residents. We do this by maintaining high occupancy, controlling operating costs, and providing the highest quality in maintenance.

We maintain equal excellence in overseeing the financial asset of the owner, maintaining the physical integrity of the property, ensuring the safety of all tenants and establishing employee well-being.  Holding each of these four areas with equal importance is the key to the success of MBS Property Management, Inc.

MBS has a team of experts whose skills can benefit your properties. Areas of expertise include; Program Compliance, Marketing, Accounting, Maintenance, Construction, Legal and Human Resources.

Statement of Experience;
Length of time managing affordable housing – since 1977
Number of units currently managed –2,957
Number of properties currently managed – 59
Compliance programs managed –
USDA-Rural Development – 515 (USDA-RD)
USDA Rural Development – 538 (USDA-RD)
HUD-Section 8 project based (HUD)
HUD-Low Rent Conventional Housing (HUD)
Housing and Community Development – RHCP (HCD-RHCP)
Housing and Community Development , MHP Bond (HCD-MHP)
Housing and Community Development – CHRP (HCD-CHRP)
Low Income Housing Tax Credit – Tax Credit (LIHTC)
MBS Group 2015


MBS currently uses General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Tenant Certification state of the art property management software provided by Realpage, Inc. and Sage Timberline.  Our software provides accurate Financial Statements, Tenant Accounting, Accounts Payables, Resident and Unit Reports, etc. on a timely basis to make critical decisions affecting the prudent operation of its management portfolio.

History of MBS / Background of Officers and Key Employees:

MBS Property Management, Inc. was formed in 1977 in Davis, CA as a sole proprietorship. In 1995, MBS moved its main office to West Sacramento, CA, where it remains to this day. In 2000 MBS was incorporated with Lisa Richards as Owner and acting President. Since 1977, MBS has specialized in multi-family affordable housing.

Lisa C. Richards, President. MBS has operated under the direct management of Lisa Richards since 1988. Lisa is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California, and is certified in subsidized housing requirements in USDA-RD, HUD and LIHTC Properties. She oversees the main office staff, property supervisors, and on-site staff. She excels in her management experience, financial management and human resource skills, and as president, Lisa Richards is responsible for ensuring the ongoing success of the company, property owners, and its employees.

Kelly Laws, Accounting Manager. Kelly obtained a BS in Accounting from University of Phoenix and has over fifteen years of accounting and real estate experience.

Carol Kuwata, Human Resources Manager. Carol has been an HR Manager with over twelve years of Human Resources experience.

Licenses and Memberships Held:

State of California Real Estate Broker License

California Council for Affordable Housing, Sacramento, CA

Rental Housing Association, Sacramento, CA

California Chamber of Commerce and other various communities where properties are located.

Services Provided:

Full Accounting Services

Process Accounts Payable

Process Accounts Receivable

Maintaining Monthly Financials Records

Reconcile Monthly Bank Statements

Generate Annual Budgets

Monthly Review of Financial Records

Monthly Review of Budget

Prepare and Distribute 1099 Forms

Preparation of 1096 Form

Assist Accountants on Annual Audits

Maintain all Accounting Records

Full Payroll Services

Process and Maintain all Payroll Records and Taxes

Prepare Quarterly Payroll Taxes

Process W-2’s and Prepare Annual Payroll Taxes Forms, i.e. W-3, DE 7, 940-EZ

Complete Maintenance Services

Oversee Daily Routine Maintenance Performed by Site Personnel

Maintain/Update Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Annual Inspection of Units

Maintain a Permanent Maintenance Record of Each Unit

Long Term Capital Needs Schedule

Oversee Capital Repairs / Improvements

Obtain Proposals and Contracts for Property

Oversee Move-In and Move-Out Unit Preparation Performed by Site Personnel

Applicant Processing

Obtain Credit Reports / Criminal History

Landlord References

Income and Assets Verifications

Marketing and Advertising

Create and Place Advertisements

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan

Enforcement of Lease Agreement and Addendums

Preparation and Service of Notices

Appearances in Court

Program Compliance

Oversee Program Compliance

Tenant Certification Process

LIHTC and HUD programs – To ensure program compliance in regards to tenant files, MBS contracts with a third party vendor to perform file audits on all new move-in’s.

Submit and/or respond to all Governmental or State Reports, Inspections, Budgets, Audits, etc.


Site Visits

File Reviews

Hire, Supervise and Discharge all Site Employees

Written Correspondence on Behalf of the Property

Maintain Necessary Insurance Policies

Management Agreement / Management Plan

Comply with all Governmental Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Requirements

This information was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information are made. You are responsible for verifying the information and bear all risk for inaccuracies. Pricing and terms are subject to change.